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Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home

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Fast, Affordable Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson. FREE Quotes. Certified Arborist. Scroll down to read reviews from our many happy clients.

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Mr. Tree provides high-quality pruning, removal, palm service, Plant health care, and tree trimming services in Las Vegas solutions for residential, HOA, and commercial properties that are “Rooted in Quality and Affordability”.

Tree Pruning

Pruning for aesthetics and health of our trees usually centers on: Crown cleaning which is the process of removing de...

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees need to be removed. Whether for elimination of waste (messy, pool maintenance, stains etc…), Root iss...

Palm Service

Palm service to clean up palm heads:  Removal of dead and lower fronds to appropriate level, cleaning the crown of se...

Emergency Response

Severe storms, high winds, diseased or poorly structured trees are common causes for branches or entire trunks to blo...

Plant Health Care – PHC

Mr. Tree offers diagnostic assessment of plant health care (PHC) and provides advice and recommendations to help you ...


Our certified Arborist (trained tree specialist) will assess and review your tree service needs and provide a FREE quote for recommended services.  We look forward to earning YOUR 5-star review!

Why Choose Mr Tree

Mr Tree is “Rooted in Quality and Affordability”

Our easy to manage process allows you to submit your request, receive an in person assessment (whether you’re there or not) by a certified Arborist who will provide a detailed no obligation quote and have a trained team of tree care professionals perform the work according to ANSI 300 standards.  All from the ease and comfort of convenient phone, email and text communication with no deposit and 30 day billing to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Clean and Raked Finish
  • Rapid Response
  • Low Competitive Prices
  • Certified Arborist - Tree Experts at NO additional charge
  • Safe, Licensed and Bonded
  • Great Reviews - Let Us Earn Your 5-Star Review!
Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home


Click the “request a FREE Quote” button to get started.  Simply input your information and a brief explanation of your concerns or objectives and a qualified representative will assess your trees and provide a no cost, no obligation quote of recommended services.

  • Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home
    Step One

    Click the request a free quote button to get started

  • Step Two

    Your request will be put in our to-do's to survey the trees (no appointment necessary) as long as we can see the trees, we'll be able to provide the quote.

    Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home
  • Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home
    Step Three

    Receive and review the free quote, accept it or request changes to achieve your specific goals.

  • Step Four

    Get in the queue for scheduling, you'll be notified of the target service date but do not even need to be present for us to perform the work, billing will be done after completion.

    Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home
  • Mr Tree | Tree Service in Las Vegas and Henderson | Certified Arborist | Home
    Step Five

    Enjoy the beauty and security of your professionally serviced trees and pay for the service by mail or on-line, submit your review and we'll see you next year!

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Mr Tree seeks to educate our clients and the community with valuable information to help you make informed decisions regarding your green living space.  Please explore and share these valuable insights and resource materials to help our community grow and thrive in these changing times.


The frequency of tree trimming depends on 

     1. The type of tree, 

     2. Its health, 

     3. The desired outcome for its appearance or safety. 

Generally, it's recommended to trim most trees every 1-3 years. However, fruit trees and fast-growing species may require more frequent attention. Our expert arborists in Las Vegas provide personalized advice based on an assessment of your trees.

At Mr. Tree, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality tree services at competitive prices. Our affordability comes from efficient practices, skilled arborists, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring you receive value for your investment. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, allowing you to understand the costs upfront without any surprises.

Hiring a certified arborist ensures that your trees are cared for by a professional with specialized training and knowledge in tree biology, health, and proper pruning techniques. Certified arborists can accurately diagnose and treat issues, perform safe and effective trimming, and provide advice on maintaining the health of your trees. At Mr. Tree LV, our certified arborists are equipped to handle all your tree care needs, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your landscape.

Yes, we offer comprehensive tree cutting services in Las Vegas. Whether you're dealing with a hazardous tree, one that's diseased or dying, or simply need to clear space for new construction, our team has the tools and expertise to safely and efficiently remove trees from your property. We also provide stump grinding services to leave your landscape clean and ready for new plantings or other uses.

For any tree emergency, such as a fallen tree or a tree that poses an immediate risk to safety due to storm damage, contact Mr. Tree immediately. We offer emergency tree services to address urgent concerns promptly and safely. Our team is equipped to handle emergencies with the utmost care and professionalism, minimizing risk to your property and ensuring your safety.