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Tree Trimming – Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada

Crown cleaning: removes dead wood, crossing/rubbing branches to avoid pests and disease. Tree trimming opens the canopy to allow light and air circulation for healthier growth and less wind damage. This is especially important to do before the high winds of March race through the valley breaking limbs and taking down trees.

Tree Trimming: control height and spread and avoid interference with structures and parking.

Pruning: early formative pruning helps develop attractive well formed trees with stronger branching structure. Our certified Arborist will assess and recommend the appropriate tree trimming service to keep your greenery in tip top shape, call now for a FREE estimate!

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10/10 September 29, 2020
Mr. Tree has serviced our trees for several years, and we have always been thoroughly happy with their care. Under the guidance of Joe Noriega, this team of professional arborists do absolute magic, almost as if they were artists working on a canvas. They also are impeccable with the cleanup. Everyone in our house is very happy.
– Jerry &Jeanne Ginier

10/10 August 7, 2020
Exceeded expectations! The crew was great, all friendly. We had a couple trees removed, palm trees serviced and Italian cypresses trimmed. They arrived in the estimated window time frame and completed the entire work order. They picked up everything up and left our property extremely clean! – Debbie Pryor

10/10 July 28, 2020
Number 1- Your representative was on time to see what was needed to be done and sent a quote that afternoon. 2. You confirmed the appointment three times. 3. Your crew of five showed up on time with the proper equipment and explained what they were going to do. 4. They used sheets of plywood to protect windows and plants, and were especially careful of our lights along the driveway. 5. The crew worked as a team, everyone knew what needed to be done and in what order. 6. Your crew removed two very large tall palm trees from next to our house, your man in the picker cut the palms in sections, dropping each piece onto a layer of palm fronds that were set below each tree. 6. The crew made sure that everything was neat and clean before they left. 7. The price you quoted was the price I was billed, no hidden extra costs. 8. Everything was done as promised and any trepidation we had because the trees were so close the house was alleviated by your crew. Thank you. – Michael Wetterauer

 10/10 November 19, 2018
quick response to questions; arrived as scheduled; excellent work done quickly!
– Christin Hansen

 10/10 November 19, 2018
They are the best in Las Vegas.  – Tom Farr

 10/10   November 19, 2018
This was a very professional crew who worked quickly and efficiently. They are the best I’ve ever seen. Joe should be commended. I will never have anyone else trim my trees.
– Cathy Harrington

5-starsNovember 3, 2015 (Yelp) Mr. Tree, Joe Noriega and team, are a pleasure to work with.  Their work is pure perfection. I had neglected my tree’s growth for some time, and the tree became quite invasive to my neighbor’s property.  My property looked like it was vacant – as embarrassing as that is to admit.  I called Mr. Tree, and they were on my property within a few days.  I made arrangements to have some things tidied up, and when I came home – I almost drove right by my house!  Not only was the tree given balance, and pruned, but the appearance was altogether different.  So much better.  The curbside appearance improved 10-fold – and Im delighted I contacted them.  They do great work, and are very professional.  5 Stars, all the way.  Thank you,  – Jack G.

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