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10/10 September 17, 2020
Joe is extremely knowledgeable and very conscientious in preparing as well as overseeing the job. He went above and beyond to ensure our yard was in immaculate condition when the project was complete. The crew that removed our tree, Mike, Thomas, Eric, Chase, and Arthur were outstanding and very professional. Any concerns were addressed immediately and with a smile. You are very lucky to have such a great group of workers who take their job seriously. – Sheri Binkowski

10/10 August 13, 2020
Couldn’t be more pleased with my whole experience dealing with Mr. Tree. From the Original quote to the completion Of the job it’s been a real pleasure. The paperwork from the main office and keeping us updated with the time and date the Job would be performed excellent. Joe and the whole crew were very nice, Professional, and clean up wonderful, plus a very reasonable, fair cost. Certainly will recommend highly. – Susan Kanahele

10/10 August 7, 2020
Exceeded expectations! The crew was great, all friendly. We had a couple trees removed, palm trees serviced and Italian cypresses trimmed. They arrived in the estimated window time frame and completed the entire work order. They picked up everything up and left our property extremely clean! – Debbie Pryor

10/10 August 4, 2020
This was the second time I have used your company. Everyone is professional and courteous. The work is very well done and the crews show up on time. A good clean up follows the work.  Also, your prices are very competitive. Fair prices; excellent work and being made to feel that we are a valued customer. – Bill Stieve

10/10 July 29, 2020
Joe sent me the BEST crew possible for a laborious job. They were efficient, friendly, accomplished the job in record time, cleaned up every limb and leaf. I have had other “tree'” service companies in the past but I would recommend Mr. tree to anybody who wants a “job well done”. Joe even stopped by later that day to make sure I was happy with the job. And I am for sure. Thank you Joe and crew. – Carol Russell

10/10 July 28, 2020
Number 1- Your representative was on time to see what was needed to be done and sent a quote that afternoon. 2. You confirmed the appointment three times. 3. Your crew of five showed up on time with the proper equipment and explained what they were going to do. 4. They used sheets of plywood to protect windows and plants, and were especially careful of our lights along the driveway. 5. The crew worked as a team, everyone knew what needed to be done and in what order. 6. Your crew removed two very large tall palm trees from next to our house, your man in the picker cut the palms in sections, dropping each piece onto a layer of palm fronds that were set below each tree. 6. The crew made sure that everything was neat and clean before they left. 7. The price you quoted was the price I was billed, no hidden extra costs. 8. Everything was done as promised and any trepidation we had because the trees were so close the house was alleviated by your crew. Thank you. – Michael Wetterauer

10/10 June 24, 2020
We purchased a home with palm trees that hadn’t been trimmed in about 3 years. Mr. Tree’s crew came out and did a FANTASTIC job! The palms are trimmed beautifully (not too short like some you see around town) and look a lot healthier now. The crew was friendly, fast and showed care for the rest of my landscaping while they worked. We will use them again next year. Highly recommend! – Adam Harvison

10/10 June 18, 2020
Great service. Efficient, clean and prompt. All of this and a competitive price. – WIlliam Floyd

  10/10 June 11,2020
The guys were on time and completed the job quickly and were thorough in cleaning up. Great job overall, thanks! – Tom Tracy

10/10 June 1, 2020
Both arborists I dealt with were very knowledgeable and patient, answering all of my questions and provided suggestions for enhancing my landscape.  – Laurie McElhannon

10/10 March 18, 2020
When I purchase service to be performed at my house I always hope for a great job.
Sadly, most of the time it’s just done good enough to get paid.  Today when I checked on my tree to see how it came out I was blown away !! The tree looks better then I could have imagined.  There are lots of roses and other plants around the base of the tree and none of them were damaged.  The area was completely clean when they were done and they even placed a cable from one branch to another branch to help the tree grow correctly without an additional charge.  I will definitely use Mr Tree the future and refer them to everyone!!!
– Rusty Ready

10/10 November 22, 2019
Mr. Tree (Joe and his crew ) are awesome! Very safe and professional. They always clean up after their work and leave things better than when they arrive. Highly recommended as we have used them several times.  – Chad Marshall

10/10 November 11, 2019
Without a doubt, this is one of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with!!!
I am so impressed with the work that was done and the clean up afterwards!! I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of your service. Your workers were absolutely great and I am so grateful for the job that you did for me!! Thank you – Ann Gordon

10/10 May 3, 2019
Mr Tree Is The Best Tree Removal, Trimming, Etc. In The Whole Henderson, Las Vegas Valley.
– Cynthia Alford

10/10 April 9, 2019
I would have picked # 11, if it was available !
Joe & his crew are the GREATEST !  – Reginald Mortz

 10/10 January 17, 2019
They have a licensed arborist, that is professionally trained in the correct way to prune and shape your tree. They keep their appointments, are quick and efficient, remove all trimmings, blow and clean up the yard. I have been using Mr. Tree for 5 years and would highly recommend their company.   Harold Meteer

 10/10 January 12, 2019
What I saw when I got home from work was a beautiful healthy tree. I just sat in my truck for a few minutes and had a mental WOW! My wife was very impressed too. Ur crew knows what to do, have the right equipment, extremely professional. I have lived in the Valley 20 plus years and it’s rare to find quality, expert workmanship and professionalism. Price to pay was all worth it to me. I will highly recommend ur company and will call u back again for Tree service.
Thank you,  Tony & Stephanie

 10/10 January 4, 2019
Friendly workers who work great together and get the job done quickly. Explain what they will do and ask the customer if that is OK or what they would like to change.
Marcia Taylor

 10/10 January 3, 2019
Mr Tree arrived on time with a crew of guys and was finished in a few hours.   The arborist really understands how to trim the different varieties of trees that we have on our property.
The trees are beautiful in the spring and summer when the new growth appears.
Frank Halley

 10/10 December 5, 2018
You have the very best crew EVER!!
We will never hesitate to recommend you to friends and family for your service.
Thank you again for a great job!!  – Peter and Steve

 10/10 December 4, 2018
As far as I can tell your crew did the job well and also quickly and took care of the property. They were polite and professional, open to questions, and cleaned up afterwards. Can’t ask for much more than that. Thanks – Jerry Hunter

 10/10 November 23, 2018
I have never had my trees trimmed so well. The workers were very quick and efficient and explained what they were going to do at the beginning. Great service. – Linda Hoskins

 10/10 November 19, 2018
quick response to questions; arrived as scheduled; excellent work done quickly!
– Christin Hansen

 10/10 November 19, 2018
They are the best in Las Vegas.  – Tom Farr

 10/10   November 19, 2018
This was a very professional crew who worked quickly and efficiently. They are the best I’ve ever seen. Joe should be commended. I will never have anyone else trim my trees.
– Cathy Harrington

5-stars March 6, 2018 – 10/10
Reliable, competitive pricing, quality work, and Mr. Noriega has knowledge and experience as arborist, a qualification most “tree trimmers” do not possess. Mr. Tree is also one of the prominent companies that regularly maintains the Legacy Village Property Owners’ Assn. trees/landscaping to our neighborhood’s benefit. TY, Joe and crew!  -Mark Hamasaki

5-stars January 27, 2018 – 10/10
The crew was early for the 11:30 appointment and went right to work and in about two or three hours had the African Sumac tree down and then ground the stump and cleaned up.
I want to commend Mike for offering to repair two sprinkler nozzles and also Joe Noriega for his help. This, for me was exceptional customer service above and beyond what the contract called for.   I am retired and on a fixed income so this really was a service for me. Please thank them again for me. I will definitely recommend your company for tree service.
Thank you again – Tom Loftin

5-stars January 26, 2018 – 10/10
It was wonderful watching how your team worked. It was as if they didn’t have to speak to each other, they just knew what each was going to do next. A well choreographed sort of ballet. And the clean-up afterwards was perfect. I of course won’t need you again, but I sure will tell anyone who asks, don’t go anywhere else. – Margaret Whyte

5-stars January 24, 2018 – 10/10 – Bob Wilson

5-stars January 20, 2017  I wish to thank Joe and his wonderful crew for the remarkable job they did in removing a huge Salt Cedar from my mother-in-laws property. Your price was very reasonable and your job was stellar. I cannot thank you enough and recommend your company to anyone needing perfection.  – Loretta H.

Juliet saved from way up high – Mr Tree to the rescue!

tree service reviews

5-stars May 9, 2016  My cat, Juliet, got stuck in our tree in our back yard on Friday. Early Saturday morning My Dad e-mailed Mr Tree service. Joe arrived within an hour and had Juliet out of our tree within 15 minutes. He was real nice and did a great job climbing so high up in our tree to rescue Juliet. Dad said he talked with Joe about getting some work done and Joe’s prices are real good. Dad say’s he highly recommends Joe for your work. I like that he saved my cat. Thank You Joe!
5-stars April 22, 2016I had two huge Olive trees in my front yard that were blocking the sun from the grass and encroaching on the house. Joe came out the day after we left a message. I felt good about him as soon as we talked. He knew what he was talking about and understood my goal and made suggestions on how to get there.  I agreed that the most appropriate solution was a macro approach. The trees had never been trimmed to over twenty years. The bid was very reasonable. I have absolutely no doubt that he has far and away the best crew around. They showed up when agreed and were done in less time. They cleaned the yard better than it was originally. My wife and I are very happy and we recommend that you don’t have tree work done without at least talking to Joe. I wish I could give before and after pictures – Robert H.

5-stars Review Date: April 22, 2016
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

Another cat rescue – saved after two full days up in a palm tree!

tree service review - cat rescueu

5-starsFebruary 8, 2016 (Yelp) Mr Tree helped a customer of mine that was having problems with Pigeons in a huge tree just off of their patio at their house. The Pigeons were sitting in the tree and the droppings from it would cover the patio including the door area to come from inside the house. Mr Tree with their expertise was able to trim the tree eliminating the good areas for the Pigeons to sit and they have moved on. This has allowed my customers to enjoy their patio for the first time in years. Great company, fantastic results for both residential and commercial properties. – Jack G.

5-starsFebruary 4, 2016, (Yelp) Joe Noriega and his crew did an excellent job trimming four large trees and removing two others.  Can’t even tell where the removals were, and they did a nice job of cleaning up when they were finished.  Very professional and friendly from the first phone call, to the in-person estimate, to completion of the job.  Not only did they do a great job, but they were less expensive than the other two services I had gotten estimates from. I won’t hesitate to use them again, or to recommend them to friends. Cindy B.

5-starsFebruary 4, 2016 (Yelp)  Joe Noriega and Mr. Tree staff are true professionals.  They have the knowledge and the equipment to handle any job.  I completely endorse Mr. Tree. – David W.

2015 Tree Service Reviews

5-starsNovember 3, 2015 (Yelp) Mr. Tree, Joe Noriega and team, are a pleasure to work with.  Their work is pure perfection. I had neglected my tree’s growth for some time, and the tree became quite invasive to my neighbor’s property.  My property looked like it was vacant – as embarrassing as that is to admit.  I called Mr. Tree, and they were on my property within a few days.  I made arrangements to have some things tidied up, and when I came home – I almost drove right by my house!  Not only was the tree given balance, and pruned, but the appearance was altogether different.  So much better.  The curbside appearance improved 10-fold – and I’m delighted I contacted them.  They do great work, and are very professional.  5 Stars, all the way.  Thank you,  – Jack G.

tree service reviews - cat rescue

5-starsOctober 20, 2015 (Yelp) I was incredibly impressed with their service when a citizen needed help getting their cat which for six days had been stuck in a palm tree. The fire department would not come out. And animal control did not have the equipment to safely get the cat out of the tree. Mr. tree LV was very fast, very courteous and very understanding for this distraught owner. I will always recommend them thanks to their quick action and generosity. – Victor P.

–Thank you for your tree service reviews!

5-starsApril 28, 2015 (Angie’s List) Description Of Work: Crown trim and clean six large pine trees, trim two palm trees. I was very happy with their service. Mr. Noriega answers the phone himself, scheduled an estimate for the very next day, the came within the week, and got the job done in less than one day. His team was professional, prompt and detail oriented. They were careful to make sure nothing in the yard was broken, and that all the refuse was hauled away. The trees are very happy and so am I! – Abigail M
Overall: A, Price: A, Quality: A, Responsiveness: A, Punctuality: A, Professionalism: A, Hire Again: Yes.

5-starsApril 16, 2015 Google+ We requested Joe to come out, look at our trees, etc., recommend work that should be done and an estimate of its cost. We were ripe for “picking,” as we were probably willing to go along with anything he would recommend. After inspecting all our trees, plants, shrubs, etc., Joe told us that honestly it would be a waste of money, as our landscaping really didn’t need the services he would provide. But instead of just leaving, he spent the better part of a half-hour explaining exactly what we should be doing–how and what to prune, what to leave alone, what kind of fertilizer to use on various plants along with when and how to apply it, how to water, etc. He asked for nothing in return. Amazing guy who lived up to all the 5 star reviews that prompted us to call him in the first place. If only all services were as conscientious, interested and honest. 5 stars really isn’t enough. I give him 10.

5-starsFebruary 04, 2015 (Angie’s List) Trimmed two large mesquite, one African sumac and one Japanese blue berry tree. Rating: Overall: A, Price: A, Quality: A, Responsiveness: A, Punctuality: A, Professionalism: A, Hire Again: Yes.  –Thank you for your tree service reviews!

2014 Tree Service Reviews

5-starsOctober 29, 2014 (Angie’s List) Trimmed a big tree and some smaller bushes. At first I was skeptical about how they wanted to trim the tree, but after they were done the tree looks fantastic the way they shaped it up. They were on time for the estimate, gave a better bid than another service and were available to do the work the next day. Cleaned everything (and more) up afterwards. Rating: Overall: A, Price: A, Quality: A, Responsiveness: A, Punctuality: A, Professionalism: A, Hire Again: Yes.

5-starsOctober 28, 2014 (Angie’s List) We had Mr. Tree Service trim our palm trees. They used a bucket truck instead of spikes to climb the trees. They also chopped up the fronse leaves so I didn’t have to wrap them up and store them until the permissible garbage day. |We are already making plans to use them again to trim other trees. I recommend them if you want quality workmanship at a reasonable price for the work done. 5/17/2014 (Angie’s List) Joe Noriega, certified arborist, came out to our home the first time to check my parents’ trees that were not surviving well after the work done by a landscaper. He told us what needed to be done and gave us a great quote. Within a couple of days, his team came and did the work, and the trees started coming back to life. The tree out front (that he replaced) is growing and thriving beyond our expectations.

When purchasing another home, we immediately called Joe to take a look at the yard in order to determine what needed to be done. The trees planted by the previous owners were located too close to the block walls and were causing damage to the walls. Joe gave us an estimate to remove all of the improperly-planted trees and shrubs, to haul them away (chip/shred them), plant new 24″ box trees, and relocate two shrubs. The estimate was fair and we knew his team would do a great job.

The day of the work, Joe came out to make sure everyone was on the same page, then his team went to work. When a question did come up, the guys came over to ask before moving forward. Before considering the job completed, the crew asked us to take a look and fixed any issues we had (only minor ones regarding the staking of a new tree). The guys were pleasant and had great attitudes, plus – they did a great job. When it came to needing landscaping, we turned to Joe for advice. He’s been great, and will continue to be our go-to guy for any tree/shrub-related issues. – Jeanine Y, Henderson  –Thank you for your tree service reviews!

5-stars5/8/2014 (Angie’s List) Joe and his crew thinned and trimmed two large African Sumac trees in our back yard. Also provided valuable information about how to best maintain these trees. Joe gave us an estimate on Monday and was able to do the work on Wednesday afternoon. They were very efficient, did a great job and cleaned up beautifully afterward. The trees look great and when the wind blows we won’t worry that about the wind damaging the trees. I would highly recommend Mr. Tree Service to anyone that needs help with their trees. – M K Manafi

5-stars4/17/2014 Joe and his crew were fast and prrofessional, and most importantanly they did the work to my satisfaction, not some mythical “industry standard”. When they were done the yard was cleaner than when they arrived, I was extremely happy! – Bob in NLV

5-stars2/14/2014 Joe responded to my call for a quote within the hour and came and gave me an estimate the same day. The price quoted was considerably lower than another quote I had gotten. I selected Mr Tree for the job and they came the following morning and removed a large pine tree in a difficult location. The work was professional and the cleanup good. I would hire again. – John G.

5-stars2/6/2014 I wanted to give Joe Noriega a personal thank you. He not only gave me his professional opinion to save my front tree, he gave me the names of products to help my trees, shrubs and plants throughout my property. It was great speaking with someone who is so knowledgeable. Thank you Joe. – Linda K.

5-stars1/23/2014 We called Joe Noriega on 1/22/2014, told him that we had a pine tree in the front of the house need to be cut down. He came over and gave us a bid and he was very professional, patient and thorough with his services and he was able to make good business decision to get us to go with him!! He gave us time to think about the bid. We thought it over and thought he was honest, and experienced and he was recommended by our neighbor who already used his company for the tree taken down in their back yard. The next day ( 1/23/2014) the crew and Joe came to remove our pine tree. Boy, they were serious people, four of them with proper equipments and did it very efficiently, thoroughly, clean and very professionally. Our neighbors yard was cleaned up and also ours. We would recommend “Mr. Tree Service” in Las Vegas to anyone with confidence that they would do a great job!! Thank you for the old fashion way of doing business ( word of honor, respect, and good old services). Thank you Joe for giving us great service and a good price!! Joe is definitely an asset to your Company! – Andre M.

5-stars1/13/2014 I have a gigantic mesquite tree I planted 20 years ago that has never been properly trimmed. Mr. Tree came out the next morning to give me a quote and had the work done by 2 pm. They had a trained arborist oversee the pruning so I felt I could trust them to do the right thing. The workers were polite and professional and did a fantastic job cleaning up the yard – left it better than they found it. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. – Dave  –Thank you for your tree service reviews!

5-stars9/27/2013 (Angie’s List) Mr. Tree removed a rotten tree out of my backyard. After getting an estimate for a tree removal they came 2 days later. Moved a gazebo to other end of yard before starting. Went up and cut from the top on this 30 plus foot tree. carefully cut up tree and lowered into yard. Then removed tree to their truck ,sawed down stump in yard and carefully removed all of the tree while sweeping up all remains of it. At the same time they cut down 2 of my neighbors trees which were positioned directly behind my home. The neighbor had an estimate at the same time mine was done by having both our trees removed at the same time we received a break on the price. The neighbor was thoroughly satisfied and we would use Sonny’s again if needed. – Lawrence

Additional Customer comments:
“Great job, you guys are really hard workers. I’ll recommend you to everybody” Mark & Linda
“It’s a rarity to find somebody that really knows what they’re doing” Larry H.
“Thank you so much!” Dalia

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