Tree Removal Cost in Las Vegas / Henderson

How much does tree removal cost and why?

Trees are a valuable asset to you property, providing shade, beauty, noise protection and a natural habitat for wildlife – they’re wonderful! However, sometimes for various reasons trees simply must go – root problems lifting walkways or driveways, too messy, too hazardous, disfigured from wind or bad pruning damage, dying or diseased, etc, etc… So how much is this going to cost me?

Pricing of a tree removal includes many, many factors, but we know you want a ballpark idea of the range so we’ll give you that first, then discuss what some of those factors are,

Tree Removal Cost:

Small tree removal: 10-20′ tall with a trunk about the size of a drink coaster $100-$300
Medium tree removal: 15′-30′, trunk about the size of a saucer to a dinner plate $250-$750
Large tree: 20′- 50’+ Trunk about the size of dinner plate to manhole cover $750-$2,000
Very large, complex trees $2,500-$4,000+
Tall Mexican fan palms- $400- $750

Obviously pricing varies considerable but is usually not going to break the bank, therefore your first step is to request a FREE quote:

free quote

Your free quote will assess the size, condition, location, access, complexity and other factors relevant to the removal process. You do not need to be home for an appointment. With your permission to enter the property to survey the site, your quote will be emailed to you and any questions or concerns can be discussed by phone after we have had a chance to observe the conditions.

Why does it cost as much as it does?

Tree work is NOT landscaping. Our insurance costs are about 10 times as much as for landscape workers! Our Tree climbers are specialized, skilled workers and are paid accordingly. Safety equipment is expensive, but mandatory! Specialized trucks and equipment have higher costs and more maintenance. Proper removal techniques require additional time (tying off material and rigging pieces, setting up protective shields etc…), but these procedures protect property and worker safety.

What about the stump?

You can choose to remove or retain the stump. The stump and or roots are a central consideration that must be factored when considering a tree removal. If the tree stump would be small, out of the way (side-yard, or slope), unnoticeable (covered by bushes or ground cover), inaccessible (raised bed, steep slope..) or you just don’t mind having a short stump to place a flower pot or other decoration on, then a “flush cut” may be appropriate and saves the cost of stump grinding.

We grind the stump below the grade of the lawn, rock mulch or ground cover, applying a herbicide to prevent re-sprouting (same with flush cutting). Some species such as palms, pines and others don’t need such treatment. We fill the stump hole with gravel or other material. Click for more info on tree removal & stump grinding.

What about removing the roots?

Digging out the roots and root ball would entail disturbing the entire area under the canopy of the tree, all shrubs or other plants, irrigation lines, sewage or gas and power lines, cable etc, risk of damage to those structures, and could entail a complete demolition of the area and could quadruple the costs. This work is best be done by landscaper, digging types of workers rather than expensive tree workers. In short, so what about the roots? Once the tree is removed and the stump core poisoned there is really no need to do all of that excavation and simply let them decompose and feed the soil with no disruption.

What factors affect tree removal cost either up or down?

  • What is the access?
  • Front or back yard?
  • Can the tree be reached by a bucket truck or must it be climbed?
  • How far does the material have to be moved?
  • What is the condition of the tree?
  • Is it full of dead wood and tangled branches?
  • Is there wind damage or other broken parts?
  • Clean and easily accessible?
  • Is it in a precarious position?
  • Hanging over the house or a neighbors yard?
  • What’s underneath it- pool/spa, flower bed, shed, play equipment etc…?
  • What is the volume of material to be removed, weight, can it be chipped or loaded easily?
  • Is it full of thorns or other inhibiting factors?
  • Is there a narrow side yard with air conditioners in the way or other obstacles?
  • Are there restrictions for a gated community or other limiting property factors?
  • What are the risk factors?
  • Damaged, decaying, leaning or other hazards?
  • Power lines, or other cables, wires, or limiting adjacent trees or structures?
  • Flush cut or stump grinding?
  • Is it possible to actually pull the entire tree?
  • Can it be ‘dropped’ as in felling the entire tree, rather than removing it piece by piece?

As you can see, there are many, many considerations that go into tree removal cost, so your best option is to get a FREE quote for the actual costs for your particular situation which may offer various options as appropriate.

tree removal price

tree removal cost

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10/10 September 17, 2020
Joe is extremely knowledgeable and very conscientious in preparing as well as overseeing the job. He went above and beyond to ensure our yard was in immaculate condition when the project was complete. The crew that removed our tree, Mike, Thomas, Eric, Chase, and Arthur were outstanding and very professional. Any concerns were addressed immediately and with a smile. You are very lucky to have such a great group of workers who take their job seriously. – Sheri Binkowski