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Mr. Tree offers diagnostic assessment of tree health care and provides advice and recommendations to help you bring out the health and beauty of your trees and plants.  Along with advice and recommendations we provide various services to accomplish these goals.

Mr. Tree has teamed with Noah’s Ark Plant Health Care to provide Deep Root Feeding, Spraying, Pest control and Trunk Injection services for your tree health care needs.

Certified Arborist Noah Gerhardt (ISA Certified Arborist WE-10578A) provides years of experience in consulting and application of various plant health care solutions.

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Tree Health Care – Plant Health Care

Deep root feeding provides fertilization (Macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and minerals), and can incorporate soil conditioners (Humic Acid), fungicides, bactericides and or insecticides to deliver these benefits “systemically”- through the roots up.  This prevents the hazards of spraying which can lead to over-spray, cross contamination or un-even application.  Systemic treatments provide the benefits to every part of the tree or plant for an effective, long lasting performance.

Supervising Arborist Joe Noriega  certified Arborist WE-9982A member # 2162631989 Whitney Mesa Dr, Henderson, NV  89014 – NV state contractor license # 45460Mr. Tree 702.401-6277 Private Greens 702.399.6360 phone 702.891.0836 fax

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 10/10 November 19, 2018
quick response to questions; arrived as scheduled; excellent work done quickly!
– Christin Hansen

 10/10 November 19, 2018
They are the best in Las Vegas.  – Tom Farr

 10/10   November 19, 2018
This was a very professional crew who worked quickly and efficiently. They are the best I’ve ever seen. Joe should be commended. I will never have anyone else trim my trees.
– Cathy Harrington

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