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L M Smith

My husband and I got 5 bids to trim the horrendously overgrown Mesquite tree in our front yard and Mr. Tree was the ONLY one that came back within our budget. The irony was that Mr Tree also had the highest Google rating and was among the most reviewed. Now I see why. Here’s the thing. There are landscaping companies and even tree companies in Las Vegas that will tell you they know how to properly trim a Mesquite tree and then they’ll come out to your property and treat it like it’s any other kind of tree but anyone who actually OWNS a Mesquite tree should know that it requires very specific pruning because its branches grow in a very specific way and because, as a native and wild-growing tree, if it’s not properly pruned the first time you will find yourself right back to where you started within a month … an overgrown wild tree eating your yard, HOA notices and even city ordinance violations in your mailbox, and another $100 down the drain to do it all again. Mr Tree is NOT one of those services. They TRULY know how to properly prune and lift a Mesquite and you really cannot afford to hire anyone else. The crew arrived early for their appointment, followed the request that we’d sent regarding not ringing the bell or knocking (due to my husband working from home during COVID) PERFECTLY (you wouldn’t believe how many Uber-Eats drivers just don’t get it), there was a literal TEAM of people working in perfect harmony (I watched in fascination on my security camera almost the entire time they were here), they cleaned up every last scrap of the trimmings, and left within 30 minutes. We went out to look at the tree after they’d left and it’s PERFECT! Norman (that’s what we named our tree when we planted it) has never looked so good! We will not be hiring anyone else from now on. We’re not just happy customers, we’re raving fans or Mr. Tree Service!

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