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Tree Removal

Tree Removal with stump grinding performed safely to ANSI 300 standards:  Tree Removal and Stump Grinding below grade, Stump grinding is 3-5 inches below grade and does not include removal of all roots or stump core if deeper than that.  Application of Triclopyr (Garlon)  to prevent re-sprouting if needed, based on species (not needed on palms, Pines or certain other species).  We cannot know or predict what if any underground irrigation or other cables, wires etc. may be underground and DO NOT warranty any repairs to such items.  WE WILL endeavor to move, avoid , or cap or plug irrigation lines if easily accessible and possible, however, we recommend having a qualified landscape person review and test the system after our work is complete.  Re-planting in the same location is NOT advised and generally not feasible, move over a few feet or plan on major excavation- we do not do that type of work.
-Tree Removal- Flush Cut:  Remove tree and Cut the stump to desired height, apply Triclopyr (Garlon) to prevent re-sprouting (not needed on palms, Pines or certain other species).

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