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Tree Pruning

Pruning service- Crown Cleaning, Raise:  Crown cleaning is the process of removing dead twigs and branches within the crown, crossing, rubbing or wrongly spaced branches, damaged or wrongly cut branches, suckers, stubs or overly dense sections.  Raising refers to removing the lower branches or limbs to elevate the lower level of the tree.
– Structural Pruning, Re-Structural pruning (to repair damage):  Structural pruning to develop a strong central leader and proper branch and crotch structure and spacing to create a stable, healthy, and better form.  Includes crown cleaning as needed to remove dead wood, suckers and other spatial issues.  Multi trunk trees may need removal of Superfluous stems and correct spacing and structure for multi trunk form.
– Fruit tree pruning, Building clearance, Crown reduction, Topiary etc:  various specialty pruning techniques are offered to suit appropriate species and location specific needs

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